On Coronation Day in 1953, the local people of Ventnor joined together to enjoy there own celebrations after listening in on the radio to the Coronation service, and in some cases viewing it on television (the reception was quite satisfactory in the Ventnor area).

All Ventnor residents had the ‘festive’ spirit and had decorated their premises to fine advantage, with plenty of bunting, flags and pictures of the Queen and her family. Most streets showed some form of decoration, but the gayest part of the town, excluding the main streets, was Alexandra Gardens which had the brightest and most colourful bunting exhibited. At night, these decorations were shown up beautifully by the floodlights.

Unfortunately, owing to the blustery wind in Ventnor on Coronation Day, the children’s street party had to be held inside. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the ice cream, cake and the entertainment. There was a Punch and Judy show and Jazz Band. Sid Pike, guest house proprietor from 4 Alexandra Gardens, put on a film show for the enjoyment of all.

In the evening Beacons were lit by Scouts around the Island and locally, and some public houses in the town offered free beer. A barrel was set up outside the Central Tap by the licensee, Jack Reed.


Wednesday 3rd June was observed as Children’s Day. There was a spirit of a carnival in the air as a long procession of children, led by the Wardenettes marching demonstration, with a tableaux of characters on a pony cart, included Margaret Turney from 2 Alexandra Gardens, all escorted by the Brownies and Cubs and wended their way to music from Ventnor Park to the town.

At the Town Hall 250 children gathered for a tea party and almost raising the roof occasionally with community singing, a film show, Punch & Judy show and ventriloquism. The hall was tastefully decorated with flags and coloured lighting all thanks to Mark Bottley of 6 Alexandra Gardens. Mark Bottley ran number 6 as a guest house at that time and was also the electrician to the Ventucky Minstrels.